[Hellsgate] Demos discussion

Ruiz ruizhorde at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 13:16:47 PDT 2012

I want to touch on a couple comments that has been brought up.
1. We have had 2 demo's on Fort Hood. One last August and then again in Feb. We will also be doing another in August again. As a group we realize the potiental on Hood and Lord Erik has worked hard to get us there again. So please don't believe we have over looked this area that is 3 in the last year. 
2. We have two large demos one last June and the 4th of July on Belton last year.
3. The group has been rather small but growing and we didn't need to burn out the few people that were able to work these demos. As we grow we will have a larger pool to pull from not tiring out the core.
4. When the Sunday fighter practice gets going we will have another presense on base.
The group has been very active and putting themselves out there. Stephen I would suggest getting your information together and bring it to the populace and see what they want to do.
If you have any ideas for other demos bring it to populace, its as a group we make the decisions.
One other comment.....the Kingdom hospitaler pointed out the best way to recruit is talking to the people who surround you on a regular basis. 
I tend to believe this becasue at all the last demos we have had at least 300 names and contact information and it only produced 1 person, and she was the product of someone telling her about what they saw at the demo.
So keep talking and sharing pictures and stories to friends and co-workers, it works.

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