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Thank you.


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> Sorry but I forgot to mention this.....the 3 demos on base has been Hood
> Howdy and it is a busy crowded place. Lord Erik has once again got us in
> and this time....fingers crossed....a place for a fighting demo. Hellsgate
> targeted this one because it it for soldiers and families who are new to
> Fort Hood.
> The Sunday gathering (I believe that is what it is being called) has the
> support of the group and the thought behind it is to hopefully attract some
> single soliders. Our Hospitaler is working out some details and hopefully
> it will come to pass soon. This is actually something we have been trying
> to do for a while but like I said in my earlier post we have only this year
> seen a large growth, so as the core group grows so does the number of
> people availiable to attend, as most demo are during a week day.
> Over a year ago when we had fighter practice on Sunday afternoon we were
> lucky to have 5 people out, some times just Timur and I and now on a normal
> Thursday we have near 30. Sunday now has a chance to grow also becasue of
> the larger number of people in Hellsgate.
> Mel
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> I want to touch on a couple comments that has been brought up.
> 1. We have had 2 demo's on Fort Hood. One last August and then again in
> Feb. We will also be doing another in August again. As a group we realize
> the potiental on Hood and Lord Erik has worked hard to get us there again.
> So please don't believe we have over looked this area that is 3 in the last
> year.
> 2. We have two large demos one last June and the 4th of July on Belton
> last year.
> 3. The group has been rather small but growing and we didn't need to burn
> out the few people that were able to work these demos. As we grow we will
> have a larger pool to pull from not tiring out the core.
> 4. When the Sunday fighter practice gets going we will have
> another presense on base.
> The group has been very active and putting themselves out there. Stephen I
> would suggest getting your information together and bring it to the
> populace and see what they want to do.
> If you have any ideas for other demos bring it to populace, its as a group
> we make the decisions.
> One other comment.....the Kingdom hospitaler pointed out the best way to
> recruit is talking to the people who surround you on a regular basis.
> I tend to believe this becasue at all the last demos we have had at
> least 300 names and contact information and it only produced 1 person, and
> she was the product of someone telling her about what they saw at the demo.
> So keep talking and sharing pictures and stories to friends and
> co-workers, it works.
> Mel
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