[Hellsgate] Awesome Social

Tiffany Salling tiffany.a.salling at gmail.com
Thu Jul 12 23:40:26 PDT 2012

Hi everybody!

Social was awesome, it was wonderful to see everyone and get some issues
resolved with the heraldry. The dancing was great and look forward to doing
it again next week.
Oh and yes if we need a place to host a class, I know my place isn't really
big, but you're most welcome, just be warned that I do own cats, they are
nice cats.

Daniel, again thank you ever so much, you answered all of my questions and
yes the site resource worked out great, I was able to formulate an SCA name
I love, and will have something drawn up by next week, pending mundane
(my computer is trying to rebel against me, getting to be that time for a
new one.)

See everyone again next Thursday. Be safe and stay cool and hydrated.

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