[Hellsgate] And now for something completely different

Dave Goldie missinglink at phulesgold.com
Fri Jul 13 18:27:20 PDT 2012

HMMM...Kingdom herald and scribal symposium...or geekfest.  I think I am in
for geekfest if we get enough.

Lord Coenred

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>Greetings to the list,
>The Central Texas College (CTC), Geek Fest is being held again this 
>year. For those of you who do not know the Geek Fest is Killeens small 
>Sci-fi Con held at CTC. This is their third year of doing the CON,  The 
>dates for this years are August 17th and 18th. They still have some 
>openings for presenters, and there is no charge for presenters.  Might 
>be a chance to tap into some college age recruits.  Any recruits gained 
>there might help the SCA overall as some will be moving on to other 
>Colleges, or jobs elsewhere in the Known World.  Just a thought, and 
>they did invite us at the last Hood Howdy to do a presentation. Anyway, 
>something to think about, if there is time to get it approved through 
>channels.  I do not know when the cut off for paperwork for presenters 
>is, so this is why I have mentioned it. I'll try to get more info on 
>Yours in Service
>Lord Eric Bentbow

Checking their website  http://www.starsatnight.org/geekfest/ that looks
like fun, and it's a weekend I'm not working, so if the folks from Hellsgate
do this, you might get at least one Bryn Gwlader there as well.

If there's a demo, I can do: rapier fighting, marshalling on either field,
hands-on armor display, talking about the SCA in general, maybe showing off
a few weapons.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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