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Chris Zakes dontivar at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 08:45:46 PDT 2012

At 11:35 PM 7/13/2012, you wrote:

>I've never been, but it sounds like fun. , What kind of presentation are we
>doing? Anything with music or dance you can count me in, just have to
>practice :)
>Aka Catarina

A lot will depend on how many people are working the demo and how 
much space and time the Con allows us.

A bare minimum would be a table with a couple of people in SCA 
clothes sitting at it with some flyers, a photo album, maybe a piece 
or two of armor, some A&S stuff, and a signup sheet. Maximum would be 
a fighting area with a dozen or so fighters of each style, an archery 
demo, lots of A&S, both show pieces and stuff in progress (such as 
embroidery or calligraphy) being done while people watch, dancing 
(maybe with audience participation.) If we do it, the reality will 
probably be somewhere between those two.

The *first* thing to do would be for the powers-that-be in Hellsgate 
to talk to the folks at Geekfest and find out what they want and what 
they would let us do, then plan from there.

         -Tivar Moondragon

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