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Keep in mind Havarr for a large demo such as this we can ask for assistance from our barony, and other shires around us.  A demo of this size and scope will be mutually beneficial. We must not forget we are not alone in the world but have friends and allies on all of our borders. 

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I think it would be a wonderful idea if the populace agrees but I remind you all that our core group is still small and we do not want to suffer from burnout I love all the suggestions but we must remember that. Here is a list if ask the things already in works over the next couple of months:
Hood Howdy
An official demo at chilies on post 
Starting a military fighters guild on post 
Also on a kingdom level we have steppes artisan and round table coming up.
Also I know everyone knows but I am charged to remind everyone that any ideas must be brought to the populace for confirmation. Also at any large demo I must be given time to contact the kingdom media liaison and two group officers must be present one must be either seneschal or the hospitaler. now that bring said as long as I have no schedule conflicts I am down for whatever the populace wants to do. In other news hobby lobby has all mccall p patterns for 99¢ right now.
Havarr Ericsson 

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>Greetings to the list,
>The Central Texas College (CTC), Geek Fest is being held again this year. 
>For those of you who do not know the Geek Fest is Killeens small Sci-fi Con 
>held at CTC. This is their third year of doing the CON,  The dates for this 
>years are August 17th and 18th. They still have some openings for 
>presenters, and there is no charge for presenters.  Might be a chance to tap 
>into some college age recruits.  Any recruits gained there might help the 
>SCA overall as some will be moving on to other Colleges, or jobs elsewhere 
>in the Known World.  Just a thought, and they did invite us at the last Hood 
>Howdy to do a presentation. Anyway, something to think about, if there is 
>time to get it approved through channels.  I do not know when the cut off 
>for paperwork for presenters is, so this is why I have mentioned it. I'll 
>try to get more info on Monday.
>Yours in Service
>Lord Eric Bentbow 
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