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I know most orginizations I have been a part of, have under "Roberts rules of Order", the ability to call a special business meeting if needed. is this not True of SCA. I just ask because If we want to do Geek fest, even if we held a special meeting just for such a purpose say within the next week to ten days it would provide more time to get it through the apropriate channels. So Far everyone who has "spoke up " has been in favor, so it would seem at this point at least a vote through the business meeting would be a mere formality.

I would just hate to be told no higher up the chain due to short notice.

Just my thoughts

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> Also while populace is the place for
> the "official decision" discussion on the list save valuable
> time in the populace meeting where we only have an hour to
> talk about everything that needs discussed. Lively debate
> and discussion on here also pole most of our group where
> populace only hits those able to make it there that night. I
> personally am all for discussion on the list and voting at
> populace. That is how a lot of our decisions have been made
> over the time I have been here for. 
> Lucas "the soar" 
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> different
> I think it would be a wonderful idea if the populace agrees
> but I remind you all that our core group is still small and
> we do not want to suffer from burnout I love all the
> suggestions but we must remember that. Here is a list if ask
> the things already in works over the next couple of months:
> Hood Howdy
> An official demo at chilies on post 
> Starting a military fighters guild on post 
> Also on a kingdom level we have steppes artisan and round
> table coming up.
> Also I know everyone knows but I am charged to remind
> everyone that any ideas must be brought to the populace for
> confirmation. Also at any large demo I must be given time to
> contact the kingdom media liaison and two group officers
> must be present one must be either seneschal or the
> hospitaler. now that bring said as long as I have no
> schedule conflicts I am down for whatever the populace wants
> to do. In other news hobby lobby has all mccall p patterns
> for 99¢ right now.
> YIS,
> Havarr Ericsson 
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> wrote:
> >Greetings to the list,
> >The Central Texas College (CTC), Geek Fest is being held
> again this year. 
> >For those of you who do not know the Geek Fest is
> Killeens small Sci-fi Con 
> >held at CTC. This is their third year of doing the
> CON,  The dates for this 
> >years are August 17th and 18th. They still have some
> openings for 
> >presenters, and there is no charge for presenters. 
> Might be a chance to tap 
> >into some college age recruits.  Any recruits
> gained there might help the 
> >SCA overall as some will be moving on to other Colleges,
> or jobs elsewhere 
> >in the Known World.  Just a thought, and they did
> invite us at the last Hood 
> >Howdy to do a presentation. Anyway, something to think
> about, if there is 
> >time to get it approved through channels.  I do not
> know when the cut off 
> >for paperwork for presenters is, so this is why I have
> mentioned it. I'll 
> >try to get more info on Monday.
> >
> >Yours in Service
> >Lord Eric Bentbow 
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