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Yes, there should be room for dancing, depending on the number of dancers; 
it's a pretty big classroom and they are removing all the desks if we want 
the room.  I was hoping we would get a few people to show dancing also.

Eric Bentbow
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>>Greetings,  Here is the info for the Geekfest Demo (so far)
>>Dates:  17 and 18 August 2012
>>Times: Friday - 6pm - 10pm
>>           Saturday - 12pm - 10pm
>>Location: CTC Planetarium, Killeen Texas
>>The college will supply one table for our displays.
>>We have a option of a classroom with AC. This would restrict the fighting 
>>demos.  An outdoor site where we can do everything, however this might 
>>require set up and tear down each day. Or we can use the classroom for our 
>>static displays and hold fighting demos outside. Which if we give them a 
>>schedule they will announce for us.  That way the fighters can fight in 
>>the heat but recover in AC.
>>I have to have the final decision to them NLT the 2nd of August.  Myself, 
>>I would say the classroom with the fighting demos outside.
>>I do need to get a somewhat accurate number of people, fighters, 
>>presenters etc that wish to participate. That way it will be easier to 
>>plan the fight demos and find out what numbers of presenters they can work 
>>Yours in Service
>>Lord Eric Bentbow
> I have to work on Friday, but could be available all day on Saturday for 
> rapier fighting, marshalling (either field) or talking about the SCA at 
> the table. I can bring up some pieces of armor (helm, gauntlets, mail 
> shirt and coif) for a hands-on display.
> Would there be enough space in the classroom for dancing?
>         -Tivar Moondragon
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