[Hellsgate] Geekfest Demo

Joe Simmons ESIMMONS001 at hot.rr.com
Wed Jul 25 12:39:07 PDT 2012

I have done some research and this is excerpted from the Society Seneschal's 
Hamndbok Appendix E : Demo Policy

"A member of the SCA may not hit a member of the public with any weapon 
regardless of whether the member of the public is in armor and gives 
consent. Adult members of the public who wish to try armored combat should 
be referred to the nearest SCA group for instruction. (Note: target archery 
is not considered a "combat-related activity," and so waivers need not be 
signed for that activity, but be certain that all appropriate safety 
procedures are taught and followed.) "

Based upon this even without checking with the College we cannot place 
anyone in armor except at a training session not a demo.
As far as "fight-a-knight" the Demo policy says:

"With specific safety restrictions, supervised children age 12 and under may 
hit an armored SCA fighter with boffer weapons only, not rattan weapons. 
Waivers are not needed from the parents of children who take part in 
"fight-a-knight" activities. Minimum safety standards include keeping 
unarmored observers at least 10 feet away from the armored fighter and 
child. Individual Kingdoms may make more restrictive policies."


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