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Yes we have a list field.  Until I hear back from CTC we may have to fight 
on a concrete patio area. My contact is checking to see how the College 
would feel about us fighting on their manicured grass. Fighting can tear up 
lawns even if its only 2 days worth.  So hopefully no onw will have a 
problem with the patio area.  Just no major dramatic deaths throwing or 
deadfalling yourself to the ground like can be done on dirt and grass.

If there are enough fighters I think a small melee would be great. That way 
we can show all the weapon styles that we use, not just sword and shield.

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> Good research my lord. So the public hitting us is out. We SHOULD have 
> heavy and light fighting outside and all the a and s we can gather inside. 
> (Do we have a list field?) Perhaps an archery show. I am trying to think 
> of a WIDE variety of things the public would enjoy. (Of course we need to 
> clear through ctc first) if we get clerance we can run all 3 of those 
> outside maybe if we get enough people some small melee's going on.)
> I am full of ideas. To bad I am 600 miles away for another week or so.
> Lucas "the well traveled"
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> I have done some research and this is excerpted from the Society 
> Seneschal's
> Hamndbok Appendix E : Demo Policy
> "A member of the SCA may not hit a member of the public with any weapon
> regardless of whether the member of the public is in armor and gives
> consent. Adult members of the public who wish to try armored combat should
> be referred to the nearest SCA group for instruction. (Note: target 
> archery
> is not considered a "combat-related activity," and so waivers need not be
> signed for that activity, but be certain that all appropriate safety
> procedures are taught and followed.) "
> Based upon this even without checking with the College we cannot place
> anyone in armor except at a training session not a demo.
> As far as "fight-a-knight" the Demo policy says:
> "With specific safety restrictions, supervised children age 12 and under 
> may
> hit an armored SCA fighter with boffer weapons only, not rattan weapons.
> Waivers are not needed from the parents of children who take part in
> "fight-a-knight" activities. Minimum safety standards include keeping
> unarmored observers at least 10 feet away from the armored fighter and
> child. Individual Kingdoms may make more restrictive policies."
> Eric
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