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My lords and ladies, we have much in store for the Stronghold over the next
few months that I am eager to share with the populace:

-For A&S night on August 15, Master Jovian will be teaching copper tooling.
He posted a link to an e-book on copper work earlier this month:
http://archive.org/stream/copperwork00roseiala#page/n9/mode/2up . And try
googling the word "repousse" to find tons of examples of copper tooling,
neat stuff.

-For A&S on September 19, Lord Adrian will teach a banner making class.
This is the Stronghold's chance to have our very own banners to display at
socials, events, and demos! Not only do banners help dress up a site, they
help establish our unique identity as Hellsgate.

So what will you need? In no particular order:

* Banner making supplies.
Canvas and/or trigger, two pieces 2 feet by 3 feet (one each for the front
and back). If you wish to place a bar or dowel at the top of your banner,
get extra fabric to add loops at the top.

A liner between the layers of fabric (if desired).

Paints for your device. Acrylic works great! Wait - are you in search of a
device? No worries!

*Device. Lord Coenred has volunteered his help for anyone who seeks
assistance with creating or finetuning a device. He has a wealth of
resources to offer. This gives us at least a month and a half for everyone
to have their device vetted prior to the class.

Also, bring an electronic copy of your device to A&S. You may store it on a
flash drive, or email it to Lord Adrian or yourself.

-Last but not least, our very own Mistress Melisenda became Kingdom Minister
of Arts & Sciences this past weekend at King's Roundtable! Vivat!
We wish all the success in her new office.

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