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For those who may not be on the Anst list. If you would like to contribute
but aren't going, let me know. I'll take the paver(s) to site for you. :)


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Larry, the site owner of Kings Arrow ranch, is trying to add to the
ambience of Gulf Wars.  He is creating a courtyard area near the Green
Dragon, and a new icehouse.
He invites anyone who would like to contribute a paver (18x18 inch) to do
so.  You may paint your devise on it, or maybe that of a departed friend.
 If you have a flag or  banner
you would like flown there, that is welcome as well.   He envisions bardic
activities happening there.  Anyone wanting to donate a bench, stool, or
appropriately sized tree stump for
the comfort of the assembled is encouraged to do so.

wishing you safe travels,
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