ANSTHRLD - Name research request - Arbalest Pursuivant

Doug Bell debell at
Mon Nov 8 15:24:33 PST 1993


Working 15 hour days every weekend at RenFair has delayed 
much of my name research.  As soon as I can get them typed
up you will get more information for the two ladies from
the Barren Plain.  Shirdenmere may well be registerable as
the area that bounds the local shires forest or a lake found
near a shire's wood.  I was able to get a person who knows
French to translate some information on Courtanvaux that dates
it to 1609 at least and some information out of Dauzat.  
There are entries from the unabridged OED that may help.  I need
to go through Ekwall English Placenames in some detail to find
the rest of what I need and that book is always slow to use.

Next weekend is the last for Renfair and I will have 
my weekends back.  

for right now its my feeding time

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