ANSTHRLD - Conflict check requested

Doug Bell debell at
Tue Nov 16 15:06:09 PST 1993

Quarterly argent and azure
- -----------------------------------
Nothing under Field Division Quarterly azure and argent - 
no nasty peripheral ordinaries that conflict this time.

    Under Field Only - it looks like these conflict:

Panama September 1995: "Quarterly 1 and 4 argent, 2 gules, and 3
Important non-SCA flag.  
This is basically the above device with the upper right quarter 
changed from azure to gules.

Hohenzollern December 1994: "Quarterly argent and sable."  Important 
non-SCA arms.
One CD for changing the tincture of half the field from azure to sable.

Cathan the Tinker February 1996: "Quarterly bendy sinister sable 
and argent and azure."
AElfwyn may well be right but I don't know if changing half the field 
allows you to get Substantial Change of Partition to clear this.  This 
is using the field division bendy sinister on half the field.  If you 
are counting CDs then there is one for changing the division of half the 
field.  The tincture changes involve less than half the field so I doubt 
there is a CD there.  There isn't a lot of information in the Laurel's 
precedents on Field Primary armory and I couldn't find anything about 
this.  Even though the point is moot with the above conflicts I would 
still like to know the answer.

Magnus von Lubeck
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