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Doug Bell debell at
Thu Oct 28 11:14:34 PDT 1993

College Archivist?

As to duties generally anything involving inquiries about past records 
and making them more available.  Asterisk and the other officers have 
their hands full already and like don't exactly have time to do this 
type of thing.

Currently November 1996 and later commentary and LoIs are in the web 
library.  An archivist could scan and place the rest of these records 
on the web as far back as they go for our kingdom.  

Indexing all submissions that have been accepted and returned by 
kingdom for the past 20 years.  This would be an immense help to 
local heralds who have had to clean up a heralds office neglected 
for a few years (been there, done that one).  It would also help 
Arbalest to track down returned devices.  Such a index could be 
placed in the web library with the other back issues.

A list of names passed by kingdom over the years and the references 
used to document the name.  (If we had this at SCA wide level we 
wouldn't spend time documenting some of these names over and over 
again.)  This would help when used with such resources as the St. 
Gabriel's Academy library for local heralds without a large book

I guess the job would be to free Asterisk, Bordure, and Obelisk 
from the task of dealing with past records and let them concentrate 
on processing the submissions for the current month.  More submissions 
tables like 20th year are going to increase the number of submissions.  
I get an average of a dozen questions from our members on items they 
would like to submit at every event and week at RenFair.  There is a 
huge amount of heraldry to be done in our kingdom and an Archivist 
could help keep the workload from breaking one of our current heralds.

something to give some thought

Magnus von Lubeck
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