ANSTHRLD - More on Sarcens

Doug Bell debell at
Tue Feb 1 14:19:17 PST 1994

As far as SCA heralds being named after surnames,
place-names or heraldic charges.

Dolmen is a heraldic charge.

Saracen is a human figure used as a heraldic charge
as well being the origin of sarcen.

Dolman is a surname from Reaney & Wilson page 138
dated to 1260 as dweller by a boundary marker.

As far as place names Dauzat, Noms de lieux page 643
under Sarcenas gives Cercenatis as a place dated to 858.

It appears Saracen or sarcen would be registerable
as the name of a Herald in the SCA.

Any other thoughts from other heralds on this.

yours in service
Magnus von Lubeck
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