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Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Sun Aug 2 10:20:52 PDT 1998

Just in case any of y'all wanted to come on down to San Antonio for a
class on voice heraldry, I thought I'd post the announcement from our
local newsletter:

Flfwyn, called drop-dead deputy to the Callisto Pursuivant, sends warm
greetings to the Bjornsborg-cynn and invites all hearty voice-loud
strong-hearted folk to learn of a vocal art practiced in the known world
called heraldry.

The renowned ring-givers Hrabia Jan   Orzeldom and Baron Kazimir
Petrovich Pomeshanov and their ladies have nobly consented to share
their knowledge with those wishing to meet at the hus* of Flfwyn on
Saturday, August 15, 1998, beginning at 10:30 a.m and lasting until 6:00
p.m. or until such time as the company believes itself prepared for an
outbreak of heraldic need. Poor harvests do not allow Aelfwyn to offer a
feast, but small delicacies and finger foods will be available at the
midday Sexts break. Those familiar with Aelfwyn's brewing will know to
bring their own ale or other drink.  

His Excellency Baron Kazimir, Forerynel Pursuivant for the Kingdom of
Ansteorra, will explain the mysteries of Precedence and of Marches
thereof.  Then his Grace Hrabia Jan   Orzeldom will expound, explain and
expose the mysteries of Court Heraldry to those folk wishing to learn.

The elf-beauteous ladies shall then join their lords.  Dame Alisandre
Oliphant and Baroness Kate Sommerfield shall contribute their grace and
wisdom to the discussion of how to make oneself heard over the crowds of
adoring thegns.  Then these gracious dugu~**  shall help those hlafords
and hlffdiges wishing further instruction.

Wes pu hal

*10404 Northampton, SA, 78230 (call 690-9823 for directions)
**Yes, tis not a graceful word in your tongue, but it is my word for
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