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Subject:      Re: (help!) Re: Some Thoughts on Names (fwd)

>  ... it'd be nice to
>have a name that sounds "real" but sounds more like a region than a
>town. ...  Any suggestions of where to go with some

There is an old norse place-name, "sudrlandi" or something similar
that means "the southern part of the land", either in Norway or Iceland.
In Norway there is {O/}stfold and Vestfold on the east and west side of
the Oslo fiord respectively, so Sudfold could be a reasonable construct.
The southern part of Gotland is called Sudret, "the south", to this day.

Just my 16 vre worth,
        Frithiof the Friendly herald

There is now a homepage for 1999 Known World Heraldic Symposium:

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