ANSTHRLD - I need heralds!

Jeremy Ketchersid vonhalberstadt at
Wed Aug 26 04:58:31 PDT 1998

     I realize that it is probably too late to be sending this message, 
but I have got to try anyway.  If anyone is not already committed to 
attending Wastelands Defender or Academy of the Bow, PLEASE consider 
coming to King's Lancer/Mendersham Defender this weekend.  There will be 
so much going on that I (and the other heralds that i know are coming) 
will be likely overwhelmed without some assistance. More heralds means 
less vocal strain.   

          "May the Dream always excite You"
                      Herr Sigmund Theodoric von Halberstadt
                                 Mendersham Pursuivant

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