ANSTHRLD - Carpe Deum - You did what!? on the carpet?!?!?!

P. Crandall Polk pcrandal at
Tue Dec 1 15:57:45 PST 1998

As most of you know, I now live in a real house with a real
I can do thing here that an apartment never allowed, such as
throw a party.
I thought about a housewarming party, but as you all know I put
things off.
Now I am committed. Even if I do not straighten and clean as well
as I could. Or should.

Daoine Céud Fáilte will have an informal Christmas/New Year's
revel sometime between those two events.
Preferably the weekend.
[So that Mama Mac can show up without grand kids tagging on.]
Pot Luck, food and drink. Crash space available. Only friends
All enemies must stay away. [Gosh, does that mean that those who
do not come are enemies?]
Children are welcome, and I am told, tasty.

Parking is limited. Carpool if possible. Fergus, Ceinwen, Tanwyn
and Their Excellencies live not far from here. Fill up their
roads and drive over in groups. My living room is about the size
of Fergus', but the rest of the house is small. I will attempt to
organize the garage by then, and we will hope for good weather.

We will get more information as it comes over this wire. And I
know that I do not have everyone's address that I would like
over, so please, if you have others in mind that would like to be
here, please let them know. Thanks.

Please, any ideas from you are welcome, and as I know this group,
you will have them.


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