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Tue Dec 8 18:35:21 PST 1998

At 11:11 PM 12/6/98 -0600, you wrote:
>*Campo Estrella	Spanish: Field of Stars
>[corrected: Estella should be have been Estrella, I think]
>There is a Mount Estrella in Spain and Serra da Estrela in Portugal,
>so this looks plausible to me.

One minor correction: in Spanish, it isn't correct to modify a noun with
another noun. You can say "starfield" in English and German [sternfeld],
for example, but in Spanish you must have one as a prepositional phrase:
Campo de Estrellas or Campo de las Estrellas.

It would probably also work if one noun became a past participle: Campo
Estrellado (starred field).

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