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Mon Dec 14 05:36:04 PST 1998

Greetings from Modar!

HL Gwenllian ferch Maredudd, Asterisk Herald, wrote:

>We would like to send Her Highness's device, "Or, a tower sable between
>three roses proper," directly to Laurel in hopes of getting registered while 
>she is on the throne. To expedite this process, we could use some conflict 
>checks on the device. Can anyone help with this? 

Checking I find a device similiar, but clear:

Mirhaxa av Morktorn (Registered in February of 1981):
Or, a tower sable with seven mullets in annulo vert.
This is clear however as there is a difference of type,
number and tincture of secondaries.

Regretfully, I do find a conflict:

Harold Breakstone (Registered in January of 1973):
Or, a castle triple-towered sable, pennants flotant to sinister vert.

Castles and towers are considered the same heraldically.
There is no difference given for the pennants on the castle.
Hence, the only difference is the addition of the roses.
A second CD is still needed.

Would Her Highness consider one of th following?

"Or, a tower sable and in chief three roses in fess proper."

"Or, a tower counter-ermine, between three roses proper."

I hope this is of some assistance.

In Service to the Society,

HL Modar Neznanich
Kingdom of Calontir

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