ANSTHRLD - Alternate Spellings

Jodi McMaster jmcmaste at
Tue Dec 15 12:38:28 PST 1998

Greetings, all!

I was beginning to put together the next article on beginning heraldry,
which will be about names, and I wanted to make some comments on
alternate spellings.  Here's the stuff I'd like to cover and where I
know I need help.  I'm sure there's stuff I don't know I need help with
yet, but should surface soon in this crowd.  If there's a good source to
look up the answers, please send me there rather than making you go to
the trouble of looking up an easy answer that I can find on my own.

1) I'd like to note that for a good deal of our period, folks would have
their names transliterated into Latin for formal documents.  With
caveats about oversimplification, overgeneralization, etc., what are the
usual rules for translation of names (endings and connectors--filius/
filia?)?  And what are the approximate beginning and ending dates for
the practice?

2) What are some typical alternatives in spelling for some of the common
languages?  What are definitely *not* alternative spellings that we
find--Tangwystyl, isn't "i" v. "y" a problem you see a lot?  Or am I
hallucinating again?  What about double letters?


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