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Following is the text from an event announcement for the Westgate Winter
Collegium - Heraldic and Scribal Syposium, scheduled Feb 20-21, 1999.    I
am still looking for 12 or more teachers to fill our slate of classes.  If
you have a class (beginning, intermediate or advanced) in the
Heraldic/Scribal or related areas and you are willing to teach please let
me know ASAP, so I can include you in the February BlackStar.   This
Symposium is for you, so please help us make it a success by sharing your
knowledge.   I look forward to hearing from some of you.  Many thanks,
Baroness Hillary Rose Greenslade, Seneschal - Westgate.
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 The Incipient Canton of Westgate Presents...
Westgate Winter Collegium:  A Heraldic and Scribal Symposium
February 20, 1999

Westgate, an incipient Canton of Stargate, invites one and all to its
Westgate Winter Collegium for a day of Heraldry and Scribal Studies and
Historical Arts classes.  Saturday's schedule is a day of classes and
evening feasting and revels, including meetings of the College of Scribes
and the College of Heralds.  Sunday will conclude with a leisurely buffet
brunch and socializing at a local restaurant for the colleges.

A tentative schedule of classes and teachers to date (more added later)
'Or What?  Tinctures and Furs'           Francois la Flamme
'Dutch Names'                 Willem Gerritz van Wije
'Heralds and Heraldry in the Middle Ages'     Gwenllian ferch Maredudd
'Beat It into Submission (Forms)'  Kathri de Feltre
Meeting of the College of Heralds

'Making Your Mark'            Suzanne de la Ferte
'Illumination Diapering'           Curstaidh Magorlick
'Beginning Charter Painting'       Beatrice d'Angouleme
'Gold-leafing in Illumination'           Geoff Cathan
All-day Charter Painting Table           Curstaidh Magorlick
Meeting of the College of Scribes

Historical and Art:
'Storytelling'                     Wulf Aelfricson
'Norman Conquest of England'       Askell de Loucelles
'Weaving Insignia Ribbons'         Klare mette Katten
'Papermaking in Period'            Teleri ferch Pawl
.... and more to come

The site is St. Thomas Aquinas Church in southwest Houston.  The site is
dry, no alcohol.  Minors (0-17)Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian,
with notarized authorization papers.  No pets except for assistance
animals.   Contac the Autocrat for list of reasonable hotels in the area or
limited crash space.

Complementary sideboard lunch with site fee includes a hearty soup,
cornbread, fruit and cake.  Evening feast will be roast beef with mushroom
gravy, rice, glazed carrots, Italian green beans, bread, 2-cobblers and

Site opens at 9am with classes beginning at 10am, and closes at 11pm.  Make
checks payable to 'SCA Inc., Canton of Dun Bruadar'.  Site fee is $5.00 for
adults, $3. children (6-12).  Family special $15.00 site.  Feast fee is
$4.00 for adults, $2. children (6-12).

Autocrat and Class Coordinator:   Baroness Hillary Rose Greenslade, (aka
Marsha Greene)
     (281) 855-9447,   marsha.greene at
Feastocrat:    Lady Melody MacGregor, (aka Melody Soice)
     (281) 933-4078, no calls after 9pm.

Directions:  St. Thomas Aquinas Church is located at 12627 W. Belfort.
>From Hwy 59South of Houston, just past BeltWay 8, exit West Belfort, turn
right.  The church is on the left, just after you pass Dairy Ashford.
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