ANSTHRLD - Ansteorran twentieth year

Richard Threlkeld rjt at
Mon Dec 21 19:45:37 PST 1998

I'll help out where I can. I will be one of the following (1) Chirurgeon,
(2) Seneschal, or (3) Herald, so I may not have a lot of time.  But then you
knew that.


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>  I am in charge of site anouncements for Ansteorran twentieth year
> celebration. It's coming up fast in july,so I am starting to canvas now
> for volunteers. It May not be terribly glorious but it is a job that has
> to be done, with lots of activities and a long event their will be alot
> of anouncements. In short I need your help, as much as I can
> get!!!please Volunteer early, that way I don't have to beg so much (or
> use Duct Tape!)
> In service to Ansteorra
> Darius of the Bells, Nautilus
> dmmerlick at
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