ANSTHRLD - Ansteorran twentieth year

P. Crandall Polk pcrandal at
Tue Dec 22 16:00:14 PST 1998

> >  I am in charge of site anouncements for Ansteorran twentieth year
> > celebration. It's coming up fast in july,so I am starting to canvas now
> > for volunteers. It May not be terribly glorious but it is a job that has
> > to be done, with lots of activities and a long event their will be alot
> > of anouncements. In short I need your help, as much as I can
> > get!!!please Volunteer early, that way I don't have to beg so much (or
> > use Duct Tape!)
> >
> > In service to Ansteorra
> > Darius of the Bells, Nautilus

And we will be staffing a resource / help desk for the heraldically impaired.
[Like me.] We will be needing research books, picture books, artists and other
people willing to help with name and device design and submissions. If you have
an extensive library and cannt attend this event, please contact me to arrange
for their care and use at this event.

Thank you,


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