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At 08:54 PM 2/1/98 -0600, Lady Aryanhwy wrote:
>The second thing is that there is a Laurel ruling from some time, forgive me
>I can't remember when, barring charges made of flame--a specific mention was
>that of an annulet of flame, as there is no good way to easily respresent it

Bruce Draconarius, commenting on Wiesenfeuer's badge submission in June
1993, noted:

<This submission engendered considerable discussion at the Symposium; many
felt that the badge was post-period in style ...The full-sized emblazon did
not show an annulet "fimbriated of flame", as some commenters described it,
but a ring of fire charged with a gold annulet. The question was whether an
annulet of flame was an
acceptable motif. Our standards regarding charges made of flame have
tightened over the years, but we still accept simple cases (the base of
flame being the prime example). The annulet of
flame seemed simple enough to accept, on a case-by-case basis.>

More recently, in February 1994, Da'ud ruled:

<Without evidence that ordinaries of flame were used in period armory, or
that such are
compatible with period armory, we will not register ordinaries of flames.>

While these two precedents certainly limit the registration of charges made
entirely of flames, it is unclear that they would completely disallow it.
In any case, the annulet of flame has been registered to the Barony of
Wiesenfeuer twice in the past (on their device and on a badge) so we would
expect Laurel to allow the group to register it again under RfS VII.8
regardless of any later precedents.

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