ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

Ron Knight rknight at
Thu Feb 12 07:27:48 PST 1998

Greetings from Modar!

Donal was asking about alternate styles of fillets for
AoA bearers vs non-AoA bearers.

As an "old wardog", having been in the Society over 21 years
now, I can recall an old "custom" that is really not in affect anymore.

Unless you were of a certain rank, you could not were a complete
circlet (fillet).  There had to be a gap/opening at the back (about
an inch or two).

You could say that non-AoA bearers had to have an incomplete
circlet (fillet), and that AoA bearers could wear the completely
closed circlet (fillet).  Both still at 1/2" or less in height.

Just a thought.


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