ANSTHRLD - Customs of circlets/fillets

Ron Knight rknight at
Thu Feb 12 09:41:09 PST 1998

Greetings from Modar!

Daniel said:

>I am strongly against the custom Modar mentioned, 

Spoil-sport     <grin>

>As I understand it, (some) ladies in period wore circlets 
>simply to keep their veils on.

True.   But we ARE talking SCA sumptuary laws here, not
historical facts.  If you're going to talk historical facts, why
then, there go many (most?)  (all?) the sumptuary laws.


I was asked for SCA ideas, not historical facts.  
(I know...I know...I should try and steer people to
more "correct" ideas, historically speaking.)

{sidenote: But it hasn't worked for the 21+ years I've been in, 
why should it start now?}

Personally, I rather see an "official Society-wide" set of
sumptuary laws, based on period practices <for the few
things that apply>, and leave everything else to Kingdom Custom.
But then, I have strange ideas.


Modar the Veil Threathened

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