ANSTHRLD - Coronets or fillets?

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Thu Feb 12 14:24:25 PST 1998

> What was the difference accorded to persons in period
> who were awarded arms?

In many (most?) jurisdictions in period Europe, you didn't
register arms.  You assumed them.  (This is fundamental
problem #637 with the SCA award structure.)

> Or tell people that they cannot register arms
> until given "the right to bear arms"

At present, that's already true. They can't register arms.
They can, however, register devices, which act identically
to arms in the SCA.  If they then receive arms, their device
is instantly transubstantiated into arms.

If you amend it to "tell people that they cannot register a
*device* until given 'the right to bear arms'", then you'll
have Laurel on you like ugly on an ape.  The West tried to
tell people that they couldn't register alternate persona
names or household names -- in fact, those items were
returned at kingdom.  Bruce Draconarius, then Laurel, told
the College of Arms in a cover letter that if the SCA-wide
rules allowed someone to do something, the kingdom colleges
have to allow it too.  (For example, Ansteorra can't return
mullets of five greater and five lesser points.)

Daniel de Lincolia
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