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Thu Feb 19 07:15:47 PST 1998

I'm CCing the Ansteorran Heralds' mailing list, Maridonna,
becauseI might as well.

AoAs and GoAs can be given "naked" -- with no associated
award.  However, some kingdom awards come with an AoA, and
some come with a GoA.  By COrpora, "naked" patents cannot be
given.  They come with the 3 peerage orders (knights,
mastery of arms, pelican, laurel), and by kingdom option may
come with the Rose and/or with ducal / county titles (in
Ansteorra, they don't).

Ansteorra registers and regulates achievements of arms --
I'm not sure that any other kingdom does that.  What titles
you have received affects what elements you can have -- not
just [AGP]oA, but also barony (barons get stuff that even
peers can't get).

I would think an appendix to the Order of Precedence lists
which awards carry what *oA baggage.  The only way I know to
know what things get you what in an achievement is to look
at the achievement registration form.  I think I wrote
something last month on the subject, but it's at home.

Daniel de Lincolnia
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