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Tue Jun 2 19:43:32 PDT 1998

Since these are the colors of the field in his arms, I feel that there is good
precedence that they are of sufficent contrast,


Daniel de Omaha, I mean Lincoln.  Yeah that's it.

John Ruble wrote:

> >
> >Query - must livery be one colour and one metal, or are two colours
> >acceptible?  I think I've seen 2-colour livery...  But then, I'm out
> >of kingdom.
> >
> >- Teceangl
> Two color livery is reserved for Nobility in Ansteorra.  Peers are allowed
> to use a suitably tinctured fur instead of the metal if they want.  Everyone
> else sticks to one color and one metal.
> Early English heraldry had fur showing up mainly for Peers, and we decided
> to follow that practice.  As for two colors, it was rare in England, though
> I believe I've seen some Continental achievements with two colors.  Anyway,
> it was decided long ago that only Nobility would get that privilege, if they
> so desired and it was of a suitable contrast.
> A question I've had for some time is: What colors contrast suitably?  It
> seems to me that livery is like a field with a complex line of division...
> Is there a precedent for field divisions somewhere that we can adopt to
> livery?  I know His Stellar Majesty is contemplating purpure and vert for
> his livery, and would like some input from heralds out there on what to
> advise him.
> Ulf, Stellar Scroll
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