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I'm going to co-opt this mailing list for mutterings
relating to principality heraldic matters.  There may be a
mailing list for this set up in the future -- in fact, I
expect it to be certain.

This is a Request For Comment on my notions of useful ground
rules for a heraldry research subcommittee.  Any comments?

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On Fri, 5 Jun 1998, Tim Lozos <dentim at> wrote:
> Definately.  I think the PRIMARY purpose of the committe
> would be........ 
> >e. To collate and disseminate information to and from the
> general populace on matters such as Naming, Heraldry,
> Mottoes, Borders etc.

Let me suggest a split.  The main committee (the Poliburo,
say) would deal with all issues and questions pertaining to
establishing a principality: laws, borders, heraldry, et
cetera.  It would facilitate discussion and decision on all
issues and deal with communications internal and external.

There would be a Heraldic Education and Research Committee.
(Just because it has a cool acronym.  "College of Heralds"
is a period term, but has Connotations of Authority in the
SCA.  Star Principal Herald would probably shit a brick and
then throw it at me.)  My draft rules are below, most of
them dead obvious.  [Explanatory comments are in brackets.]

0. The purpose of the HERC is to assist possible
   principality efforts by work relating to SCA heraldry,
   including but not limited to names, arms, mottos,
   achievements of arms (crest, supporters, compartments,
   mantling, livery, helms, etc.), ensigns, awards, orders,
   titles, heraldic titles, ranks, badges, et cetera.

1. The HERC shall collate heraldic ideas from any sources.
   It shall establish procedures for nomination for
   consideration.  [Note: no guarantees that we'll look at

2. The HERC shall research suggestions.  Issues considered
   should include period style, SCA registerability,
   pronunciation and spelling, culture and period, and
   heraldic depiction.  The research should conform to the
   goals and norms of SCA heraldic consultation, dealing
   fairly with facts and reasoned opinions based on facts.
   [Note: there may be the occasional snarky comment, but
   that should be filtered out before publication.  My
   intent is that the result should be data and conclusions
   to allow decision makers to make informed decisions.]

3. The HERC shall make its results widely available to the
   main committee and to the populace at large by paper and
   electronic means.  It should archive its discussions.

4. The HERC shall assist the main committee in wording
   preliminary polls and ballots based on the research.
   [Note: for example, providing summaries of the research
   as appropriate for a ballot.]

5. The HERC may organize itself and acquire such members and
   helpers as it sees fit, and may make decisions and
   establish procedures by consensus.

6. The main committee shall give all proposals and work
   items with heraldic implications (see item 0) to the HERC
   with enough time for the HERC to evaluate them.  The HERC
   reserves the right to scream loudly if someone does an
   end-around them or blindsides them with respect to a
   heraldic proposal.  The main committee may reserve the
   right to scream loudly if it finds its requests are being
   delayed or deep-sixed.

Daniel de Lincolia
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