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On Monday, June 08, 1998 10:51 PM, Timothy A. McDaniel 
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> 5. The HERC may organize itself and acquire such members and
>    helpers as it sees fit, and may make decisions and
>    establish procedures by consensus.

You are expecting a committee to reach consensus? Isn't that a little 
ambitious?  This committee will end up with a number of individuals on 
it, no matter how hard you try to pare it down.  And they won't even 
agree on the time to start the meetings...  Try "Majority" or "2/3 

> 6. The main committee shall give all proposals and work
>    items with heraldic implications (see item 0) to the HERC
>    with enough time for the HERC to evaluate them.  The HERC
>    reserves the right to scream loudly if someone does an
>    end-around them or blindsides them with respect to a
>    heraldic proposal.  The main committee may reserve the
>    right to scream loudly if it finds its requests are being
>    delayed or deep-sixed.

While I personally like the wording of (6.), you might... no, forget it. 
 Leave it that way.  No one can misconstrue it.

Overall, not a bad idea.  But shouldn't this committee be a subset of the 
Ansteorran College of Heralds?  That grants it an official status, and 
places the resources of the kingdom at the fingertips of Ansteorra's 


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