ANSTHRLD - Requesting Achievement Assistance

Russell Rischard rischard at
Wed May 6 21:54:46 PDT 1998

I have been thinking about the elements of my achievement for some time.  The
biggest reason I have procrastinated is uncertainty on my crest and supporters.
I would like to toss out what I have in mind for my Achievement for (gentle)
comments.  Also, I would appreciate a little help translating the positioning of
my supporters into proper wording.  Here goes.

Livery, As a noble I get two colors,  Purpure and Vert, of course.
Coronet of Rank,  For now an engrailed County,  soon to be replaced with a
Helm color, For now argent, soon to be Or.
Helm Facing, Sinister, of course.
Helm type, 14th century bascinet
Crest, a caltrop Or.
Motto, Always Upright

Supporter Dexter  A man in 14th century armor, proper,  affronty with sinister
hand extended holding a caltrop, Or, with drops of blood.

Supporter Sinister.  A Lion (what is the standard genus,species) proper (or Or)
sejant guardant erect.  However, here is where I need help.  Since it is on the
Sinister side it is facing the opposite way than normal. also I would like it to
be presenting its dexter paw pad upward with drops of blood.  (The overall is
sort of a Daniel and the Lion type scene.)

I need help with the proper wording of this and (gentle) comments as to the

Thank you,

Richard, Rex

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