ANSTHRLD - Requesting Achievement Assistance

John Ruble jruble at
Thu May 7 11:22:13 PDT 1998

His Majesty suggested:
> Livery, As a noble I get two colors,  Purpure and Vert, of course.
The achievement rules state Nobility may have two colors of sufficient
contrast for their livery.  I know it was uncommon in period, but I cannot
remember if it was unique. Now, what I've been wondering is what does
"sufficient contrast" mean.  Can anyone enlighten me from precedents set for
armory?  In our achievements, I can only recall one example registered in
this manner, and it is Vert and Sable.  I doubt that would be acceptable

> Supporter Dexter  A man in 14th century armor, proper,  affronty with
> sinister
> hand extended holding a caltrop, Or, with drops of blood.
> Supporter Sinister.  A Lion (what is the standard genus,species) proper
> (or Or)
> sejant guardant erect.  However, here is where I need help.  Since it is
> on the
> Sinister side it is facing the opposite way than normal. also I would like
> it to
> be presenting its dexter paw pad upward with drops of blood.  (The overall
> is
> sort of a Daniel and the Lion type scene.)
Let's see if I got this right.  Your fellow there, Dexter, stands on the
left side of the achievement.  Your lion (let's call him Sylvester instead
of Sinister) sits on the right side, as you look at it.  Guardant means he
is looking straight at you, instead of the default of looking at the shield.
And I take it you want a natural, real-live lion and not an heraldic lion.

Here's a weak attempt to sketch this. (If it does not look like a picture,
select these lines and change their font to Courier.)

    /^\      /^\
    !@@     !  @!      ^-^}
    !O!  ___!__=!___  {@ @}}
X__/| |\/|         |\ {~v~}}
    | |  |         | \/{{}}}
    | |  |         |   {   \\---@=
    ---  |         |    \   \
    |V|   \       /      }  \     /
    |||    \     /      {    \    \
    |||     \   /       _>   }\   |
     \ \     \_/      ={_____} \_/

Ulf's question for the heralds and artists: Should both caltrop and paw be
emitting goutes de sang?

> I need help with the proper wording of this and (gentle) comments as to
> the
> style.
- -Ulf
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