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Fri May 8 09:59:55 PDT 1998

I think one of the most memorable ceremonies I've ever seen was conducted at Sir Alexis LaBouche's knighting in Barony StarGate by HRM Rischard.  

Alexis had setup a pavillion, open to the front and enclosing a small altar. He knelt over his arms, armor, and other religious items appropriate to his persona's time period.  In front of the pavillion, were 'stations' - small tables which held the trappings of knighthood.  The white belt at the first, the chain at the second, spurs, shield, helm, saddle, banner, bridle/reins.  The knights in attendance proceeded one at a time, from station to station, inspecting each of these items... then whispering words into the candidate's ear at the altar.  This was indeed a memorable vigil.

As to receiving his accolade, he was mounted and lead a torch-bearing honor guard of 6.  These men-at-arms flanked his family, and also bore a large chest.  Alexis dismounted, and presented the chest to the King... it contained numerous banners, medallions, stained-glass, and other 'booty' won upon the tourney field. He presented all this to His Majesty... then presented his family, stating that it is his greatest treasure.  He knelt, receiving the chain and spurs from the King, and his belt from his Lady-wife.

I don't know if this is the level of detail you asked for, but I'll gladly speak with you at length regarding this ceremony as it made an enormous impact upon me.

Lord Manfred Wolf
Barony of the StarGate
Baronial Herald

>>> HL Larkin O'Kane <larkin at> 05/08/98 11:28AM >>>
Will someone here tell me where to get information on Knighting
Ceremonies?  Everything from the vigil to the dubbing.

If you really wanted your knighting ceremony to stand out, what would/did
you do to make it so?
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