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<< Well, of at least seven heralds at that court
 (myself included) nobody made up an awards report form to submit to
 Zodiacus. [blush] >>
	I understand that no one here in Ansteorra likes to here how things are done
in other Kingdoms (I know this because I've been jumped on ) but, in Meridies,
the Kingdom I started heraldry in, it was the responsibility of the Herald of
the Court to make out a list of awards given.  After all, he or she has the
scrolls right in front of them and doesn't have to try to guess at spelling
while writing in the dark on goodness knows what.  No problems with trying to
hear over the populace either, or loosing the paper back at camp, or not
unpacking everything in a timely fashion.  I wouldn't criticize the Ansteorra
Way if it worked, but this doesn't work.
	If I remember right, the officiating Noble, whether Crown or Baron or who
ever, signed the report to confirm that those were indeed the awards that were
given out.
Does Atenvelt handle this the same way we do, or is this something we thought
up on our own?

HL Oriana Corbizzi
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