S Friedemann RandomSF at
Thu May 14 16:46:36 PDT 1998

>> people would probably rather deal with a herald, than a lawyer!
>We don't give a CD between the two.  In fact, I think one
>will get reblazoned as the other.

Well, I can certainly vouch for the fact that I conflict with lawyers on how
to deal with minors in the SCA!

>> Arianuia filia Catmaili, Opinicus
>Didn't notice that title before -- congrats!

Thanks.  I took over the office in the beginning of April.  I don't use the
title often; I liek vary between that and the other two to keep things from
being boring.

>Wait -- Aryanhwy, what are you doing here?  Heraldry junkie!

Yup, that's me!  There's no reason that I can be on some four different
heraldry lists.  ;-[)

Arianuia, who is still getting used to the new spelling of the name

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Cicero

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