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John Ruble ulf at
Thu May 28 10:23:32 PDT 1998

>Query - must livery be one colour and one metal, or are two colours
>acceptible?  I think I've seen 2-colour livery...  But then, I'm out
>of kingdom.
>- Teceangl

Two color livery is reserved for Nobility in Ansteorra.  Peers are allowed
to use a suitably tinctured fur instead of the metal if they want.  Everyone
else sticks to one color and one metal.

Early English heraldry had fur showing up mainly for Peers, and we decided
to follow that practice.  As for two colors, it was rare in England, though
I believe I've seen some Continental achievements with two colors.  Anyway,
it was decided long ago that only Nobility would get that privilege, if they
so desired and it was of a suitable contrast.

A question I've had for some time is: What colors contrast suitably?  It
seems to me that livery is like a field with a complex line of division...
Is there a precedent for field divisions somewhere that we can adopt to
livery?  I know His Stellar Majesty is contemplating purpure and vert for
his livery, and would like some input from heralds out there on what to
advise him.

Ulf, Stellar Scroll

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