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Teceangl tierna at
Thu May 28 23:50:47 PDT 1998

> Two color livery is reserved for Nobility in Ansteorra.  Peers are allowed
> to use a suitably tinctured fur instead of the metal if they want.  Everyone
> else sticks to one color and one metal.

Thank you, Ulf.  That's what I needed to know.

> A question I've had for some time is: What colors contrast suitably?  It
> seems to me that livery is like a field with a complex line of division...
> Is there a precedent for field divisions somewhere that we can adopt to
> livery?  I know His Stellar Majesty is contemplating purpure and vert for
> his livery, and would like some input from heralds out there on what to
> advise him.

I've heard of nothing like that, but actually think purple and green will
make excellent livery.  Does His Stellar Majesty use a lightish green?  It
would be the best contrast.
If such a source is found, I request that it be posted here so that I may
know of it as well.

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