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Darin Herndon darin_herndon at
Fri Dec 3 14:30:37 PST 1999

Master Daniel wrote two questions for which I am going to try and offer answers.  Please, to all on the list, add to my answers if I am missing information.

Daniel first wrote:  My first inclination is to reply "Why the heck aren't they simply getting the AoAs they deserve?", but I don't know much about the Rising Star - - perhaps the bar is lower?
I write:  To an extent, I agree with the sentiment.  In reality, these young people have shown the initiative, interest, and helpfulness worthy of being granted armigerous rank.  Otherwise they would not get a Rising Star.  The award however recognizes children and my guess would be that most Crowns are wanting to encourage children, with an award only they can be awarded, while keeping the AoA as something else that can be given later for continued service, etc.  The award is targeted for children.  I don't think the bar is lower.  I think that, in deference to their age, this leaves another award which can be granted later.

Daniel then wrote:  As well, "Can we find a period name for it?".
I write:  Unless we change the name to something like an inn name (Sable Star, Golden Star, Semy of 100 points of light sable, etc.) I think it might take a complete renaming.  I cannot think of a good way to change Rising Star that meets today's rules and the registration practices of the College of Arms.  If it was an animal we could call it salient (leaping/jumping instead of rising).  But for a star...??  Let me think some more and read commentary as it gets posted here.


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