ANSTHRLD - Newbie question - "An Heraldic Alphabet"

Amy and Bill Morris awmorris at
Fri Dec 10 04:18:57 PST 1999

I have the 1985 edition (quite dog-eared and annotated in the margins).  It
is clearly a description of current English heraldic practice, which means
it has entries not useful to us, but I have never caught a factual error (I
seem to remember a spelling error).  The asterisks seem to indicate terms
not used in modern English practice.  "Erminites" has an * because it was
never used outside of the covers of a book, even if the books are period.
"Pascuant" has an * because it is no longer used.  "Poudre'" has an *
because the term "semy" is used today, and was always the more common term.
"Trian aspect" is a Victorian abomination.

Some of these (such as "blemished") are incompatible.  Some are compatible
(such as a goat "climant").  For our purposes it is necessary to find out
when, if ever, the term was used.  And some of those not used in period may
be compatible with period style (which means we have the twin duties of
first trying to talk the applicant out of using that device, and secondly,
if they insist we have the duty of trying to get it for them)


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