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Fri Dec 10 19:14:56 PST 1999

My apologies to those who receive this twice.

A friend of mine recently submitted his badge and has since found out that
it conflicts.  He is looking for permission to conflict.  I've forwarded his
request with the information on the person he is looking for.  Does anyone
know who this person is and how he can be contacted?

- -Aryanhwy

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Subject: Conflict

Unto the fair lady Arianhwy doth Baron Caradoc send all duty and respect.

Good my lady,

I am wondering if you could help me with a personal heraldic matter. I
like to attempt to contact Anebairn MacPharlaine of Arrochar, to whom is
registered "Per pale azure and argent, a lion's head erased sable," to ask
for permission to conflict by registering my proposed fieldless badge, "A
lion's head erased sable, wearing a cap of maintenance vert, lined argent".
I understand, from old KWHS proceedings, that he is or was a prominent
herald in Ansteorra, but I have been unable to find any current mention of
him on the Ansteorran heraldry web sites, while I did find you mentioned as
a commenter. If it is not too much trouble, could you make inquiry as to
current involvement in the SCA (if any), and perhaps the correct form of
address to him (or her; I'm assuming a male persona because of the Mac, but
I have no idea of the gender of the name Anebairn)? An e-mail address would
be handy, but people may be reluctant to casually pass that on. I, on the
other hand, would consider it a favor if you could refer them to my address
(also accessible off the MK Pelican web site):
104072.3172 at

I will completely understand if you are too busy to deal with this; please
just let me know.



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