ANSTHRLD - Looking for permission to conflict - Anebairn.

Amanda Lewanski editor at
Sat Dec 11 13:19:27 PST 1999

I know how to get hold of Anebairn, even have an email for him. I haven't been
following this, what do you want him for?

- --Alisandre

Kathri at wrote:

> In a message dated 12/10/1999 9:17:19 PM Central Standard Time,
> sfriedemann at writes:
> >  I've forwarded his
> >  request with the information on the person he is looking for.  Does anyone
> >  know who this person is and how he can be contacted?
> The last information in the Kingdom files is from 1981, when HL Anebairn was
> in the Steppes area.  If anyone has current contact information, jump right
> in!
> Meanwhile, I've sent Master Caradoc contact information for some Steppes-area
> heralds who might be able to help.
> Kathri, Asterisk
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