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Timothy Rayburn timothy_of_glastonbury at
Wed Dec 15 13:12:28 PST 1999


Below is a request for instructors from the Minister of Arts and
Sciences of Elfsea for our Baronial College.  I would dearly like to
see some heraldic classes taught, besides the three I myself am
teaching.  Several months ago I sent a request and had two respondants,
who have had to bow out due to the week change.  If you could attend
this event, and teach, I would greatly appreciate it.

Timothy of Glastonbury
Deputy to Nautilus Pursuivant
Deputy to Zodiacus Herald
Protégé to Viscount Galen of Bristol

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> Subject: ES - Elfsea Baronnial College
> Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 14:16:35 -0600
> To: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
> From: "Wainwright-Sims, Jewell" <jwainwright at>
> Reply-to: elfsea at Ansteorra.ORG
> Greetings unto the populace of Elfsea from Julianna Vertue, Minister
> of A&S,
> Elfsea Baronial College scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 5, at UTA, is in
> need
> of instructors.  If you would like to share your expertise, please
> contact
> me privately with information regarding the type of class or classes
> and the
> preferred time of your class (classes will be scheduled hourly 10:00
> am thru
> 4:00 pm, ending at 5:00 pm) and any special needs or equipment (no
> open
> flames). 
> Elfsea Baronial College will also be hosting the first Academy of the
> Sword
> sponsored and coordinated by Sir Abd al-Mahdi Jamal ibn Hakim with
> classes
> ranging from an intro to fighting to the use of specific weapons,
> chivalric
> conduct, and marshalling.  
> Please see the January Scroll or Blackstar or contact me or the
> autocrat,
> Aurelia Yverneau, for more information.
> In service,
> Lady Julianna Vertue
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