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Wed Dec 29 20:08:50 PST 1999

GWH, 36, ISO photocopy of Ansteorran Gazette for August 1999 for
long-term committed relationship.  Bryn Gwlad copier preferred (save
postage and hassle).  Needed to update index of heraldic submissions;
can use a WordPerfect 8-compatible e-version of ILoI and KLoAR, but
want paper copy too.

Also: I seem to have mislaid my paper copies of LoARs from February
thru June inclusive.  (Such a broad and consecutive range indicates
that I probably organized them and carefully put them somewhere safe
known only to God.)  I have e-copies, so index work would not be
delayed, but again I'd like paper copies as well, and Austinites would
again be preferred.

Daniel de Lincolia, taking up an old project
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