ANSTHRLD - Re: Just starting out

Joe Wolf wolfj at
Mon Feb 1 06:43:16 PST 1999

As a fledgling-herald myself, I can suggest encountering Master Daniel de Lincoln at an event and being so fortunate as to hear him speak!   Ye verily, choirs of Angels herald his prescence!!  The very heavens beam with renewed vigor when he graces the Knowne Worlde with voice!  Aye, the wisdom that rolls off his tongue reminds me of... well, never mind!  Suffice it to say, this man is a fount of knowledge of a heraldic nature.  <wink!>

Herr Manfred von Wolf, Sentinal Pursuivant
The Barony of the Stargate

Herald to Their Excellencies, Michael Silverhands and the newly elevated >>>MISTRESS<<< Neassa the Obstreperous, OP

>>> <Caitlynmew at> 01/31/99 08:15AM >>>
Hi..My name is Jennifer and Im just starting to get into heraldry and was
wondering if anyone had any advice for a beginner? Im open to any
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