ANSTHRLD - Hello from Kathri Kathri at
Fri Feb 5 04:30:36 PST 1999

Unto the electronically enabled arm of the Ansteorran College of Heralds come
greetings from HL Katherine Constancia da Feltre, Asterisk Herald of
Ansteorra, hereinafter know as Kathri.

I'm the herald who gets the submissions from the local heralds, and ushers
them through the process within the Kingdom until they are ready for an SCA-
wide Letter of Intent (LoI).

I said I'd join this list after I got the first ILoI out, and now I have.
(ILoI = Internal Letter of Intent.)  Actually, ILoI9902 went to Obelisk a week
ago, on Feb 26.  A little late, but not bad for the first month in office
complete with startup glitches.  (For future reference: Gwenllian's directions
for using the scanner work much better if you load the disc with the graphics
software as well as the disc that runs the scanner.)

Plans for the Westgate Symposium are coming together quickly now, and it's
looking good.  Late breaking news: Master Da'ud is bringing his "Blazon 102"
class and has offered a "lighthearted" question-and-answer session.  The
steward for classes is thinking about putting the question-and-answer session
as a "before feast entertainment" or "after feast entertainment" session that
we can all attend.  

Personal info:
My personal email address is kathri at  I don't use my email as a break
from writing a dissertation, so I can't promise the 2-12 hour turnaround that
Gwenllian did. I plan to catch up AT LEAST once a week, no matter how crazy my
job makes me, but please don't worry for at least 4 days or one weekend,
whichever comes first.  I will answer, so help me. 

My nickname is Swiss, so the "a" is "ah" and the "th" is pronounced as a "t"
- -- Kah'-tree.  I don't really care, and I try to answer to everything, but I'm
mentioning it because people who "meet" me in print sometimes confuse (or get
confused by) people who meet me in person without seeing it written.  

(Very glad to be back) In service to the submitters and heralds of Ansteorra,
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