ANSTHRLD - Westgate Winter Collegium - To Teachers marsha.greene at
Fri Feb 12 14:32:22 PST 1999

Reminders to TEACHERS at Westgate Winter Collegium to be held Feb.20, 1999:

1.  Please send your post card information to me ASAP, so I can schedule
you accordingly, make sure you have the equipment you wanted (within
reason), and list your class description.  If I don't know what you need,
you may be in the childrens class (hint!).
E-mail the info is OK.

2.  Please send my your class handout, that will be added to the
proceedings booklet.    I would like them by Monday, Feb 15th, but talk to
me if you are going to be late.  E-mail with Microsoft Word 97 works great.
Graphics come across sometimes odd, but try it and we will see.  Regular
mail will also work, if I know its coming.   Even if your handout is in the
booklet, still plan to have what you need for your class, as the booklets
may be held until the end of classes before distribution, to avoid students
'looking ahead'.

I will be attending the Gulf Wars A&S event this Saturday, Feb. 13th in
Tempio, if you need to send paperwork down or talk to me.    Many thanks.
Baroness Hillary Greenslade

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